Facebook collect data of their users, it estimates the number at about 500 terabytes per day. There are various facts about about Facebook, but some of the facts are so interesting that it will amaze you for sure.

We have researched and created a list of Top 3 Facebook Facts in the world, let’s check them out.

1) Facial Recognition

As we know Facebook collect data of its user in huge amount. If tag any of your friends on Facebook photos, you are actually sending in some data for their facial recognition software. They are so good that they claim it is 98% accurate.

2) Location

Facebook tracks your location wherever you are going, data is used to evaluate your habits regarding outing and sporting.

3) Facebook can sell your data

Facebook can sell your data based on information it have about you, just like Cellular companies use your phone numbers to send you ads that they are paid for that’s how you get advertising messages on your phone.

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Do You KNOW ?

79% of all users are accessing Facebook from their mobile.

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