There are various companies which prefer making televisions that are affordable to everyone, but there are some televisions that are made just for few people as their price tag is very high.

So today let’s check out such Top 3 Most Expensive TV’s of the world.

1) Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition

Price : $2.5 million

It is 55 inch television, with 72 round diamonds studded on it each of it having a weight of 0.75 karats. So if you want to show your financial status then this TV is for you.

2) Titan Zeus

Price : $1.6 million

It is about 370 inch big TV, with 4K resolution. It weighs nearly a ton so make sure you’ve got plenty of support underneath it.

3) Panasonic 152 Plasma TV

Price :  $500,000

With the screen resolution of 2160 pixels with 3D support and several technologies that speed up display. Viewing a movie on this TV gives the same experience as a cinema theatre.

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Do You KNOW ?

Televisions first went on sale in the late 1920’s.