Basketball played by everyone in this world, one of worlds most famous sports in the world. The specified sneakers for basketball players are normally expensive than the normal ones, but there are some shoes which are that much expensive then you can think.

Today let’s check out this amazing  list of Top 3 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes in the world.

1) Reebok Question

Price : $65000

Designed by Allen Iverson, this shoes is studded with the diamonds which has 246 diamonds on the laces of these shoes. This shoes is so famous and expensive because of their designs and diamonds on it.

2) Air Jordan III

Price : $50000

It is know for its comfort and style, as made of fine quality of leather which is flexible as well. It was designed by Peter Moore. It’s price is $50000 and only sold in auctions.

3) Air Jordan VI

Price : $35000

The speciality of this shoes is it’s heels that are designed to protect the players from the damage of Achilles tendon. It comes in very limited colour combinations.

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Do You KNOW ?

Early basketball games used soccer balls (1891–1950s). Players would rub coal dust on their hands to grip the ball better.

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