Singer is a person who entertains us by showing his singing skills. Today we are going to check out the list of Top 3 Male Singers In the World. So let’s begin.

1) David Guetta 

Pierre David Guetta is a resident of Paris, France. He begun his career from a DJ at Broad Club in Paris. He continued his struggle in music industry and finally released NATIONAL RAP in 1990 which was a hip-hop combination with french language. Apart from DJ or song writer he is also a record producer and a songwriter. he is also good at piano and digital audio workstation.

2) Justin Biber

Justin Drew Biber a canadian singer, actor and rapper. In the adiction of being a pop-singer he also became an actor. His net estimate worth is $245 Million which he earned by his dedication towards music and his acting (Television, Films). According to an estimate he have sold approximately 100 million songs which made him secure 2nd position in the Top 3 Best Singers in the World.

3) Pitbull

Pitbull his real name is Armando Christian Perez he is also known as Mr. Worldwide. He is known as Mr. Worldwide because of the song named Mr. Worldwide which was composed by Pitbull himself.

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While singing in Rigoletto at Covent Garden in 1948, Walter Midgely swallowed a false mustache.


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