People struggle to come up with the money to cover some of today’s most expensive procedures and it puts a lot of stress on individuals.

So if you are concerned with the Top 3 Most Expensive Medical Procedure in the World then lets check the list about the same.

1) Intestine Transplant

Price : $1,206,000

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A transplant of the intestine is done to replace dead intestinal tissue with live tissue from a donor, often because of disease or the presence of a tumor.

2) Heart-Lung Transplant

Price : $1,148,400

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Combined of heart and lung transplant replaces both vital organs during one surgery. Candidates must also be under the age of 55 and be healthy enough to apply for this procedure.

3) Heart Transplant

Price : $997,700

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This procedure is high-risk surgery and take 6 months to recover. The most common method of performing a heart transplant is to remove the patient’s dying heart after having harvested a still living heart from a recently deceased donor and graft it into the patient’s body.

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Their are around 6000 incidences every year about Doctors leaving sponges and other medical devices inside their patients.