Sports are the best way to relax from the normal routines and do something different. There are many kinds of sports, in which some of them can be easily played at home with all things used in them but some sports are very expensive that everyone cannot afford.

So let’s check out these Top 3 Most Expensive Sports in the World.

1) The Whitianga Festival of Sports

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This sport requires a helicopter, boat, and involves ski racing and helicopter racing. Owning and keeping the equipment for this game are very expensive and requires about millions of dollars.

2) Ski Jumping

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A jumper has to spend almost $100,000 to go for this ride. It is very expensive and can only be affordable by the rich people.  The equipment will cost $2,500 for just the skis and a trainer is required.

3) Hot Air Balloon Racing

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It cost $300 for one hour ride on the balloon, it cost about $3000 to train a pilot for balloon. Most participants own their balloons which come at a huge cost, around $20,000.

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Do You KNOW ?

Golf balls were originally made from dried cow eyeballs.