Museums are the place where art is the major focus. The world’s top art museums have become a destinations in themselves.

So without wasting anymore time, Let’s check out the Top 3 Most Visited Art Museums Of The World.

1) Palace Museum

City : Beijing
Visitors annually : 16,000,000

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The Forbidden City used to be the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is nearly 600 years old, with construction started in 1406 and completed in 1420.

2) Louvre

City : Paris
Visitors annually : 7,300,000

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It was a medieval fortress and the palace of the kings of France before becoming a museum two centuries ago. It is a central landmark of the city.

3) British Museum

City : London
Visitors annually : 6,820,000

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This museum looks after the national collection of archaeology and ethnography. It is among the largest and most comprehensive in existence and originates from all continents, illustrating and documenting the story of human culture from its beginnings to the present.

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Do You KNOW ?

There are currently 2,113,802 records in the online database of the British Museum, representing more than 3,500,000 objects.