Nowadays Online Shopping is one of the most famous shopping method among the people in the world. It saves our time and money, you simply make order on internet and the product will be delivered to your home.

So if you are planning to buy products online then here is the list of  Top 3 Best Online Shopping Websites In The World you can go with.

1) Amazon

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Amazon is the No.1 Online Shopping Website in the world, it was founded in the year 1995 by MR. Jeff Bezos. Headquartered in Washington, the best features of this company are affordable rates, quick and fast delivery and large collection of all items in various categories.

2) eBay

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It was founded in 1995 by MR. Pierre Morad Omidyar. This is the best website for both buyers and sellers because as a user you can make sales by displaying your products in this website.

3) Walmart

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In 1962 Walmart stores was founded in US by MR. Sam Walton. Walmart offers free shipping, discount coupons, discount on special occasions and much more.  Walmart is popular for it’s traditional service, they have been continuing the service till now.

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Do You KNOW ?

 78 percent of shoppers use the internet to purchase or research future purchases every year.