Bicycle is considered the best mode of transport. It is good for your health, keeps your fit and healthy, doesn’t uses any type of fuel and the main benefits – it doesn’t even pollute the environment.

Bicycle is a great way to travel when the distance is short, It’s Always fun to ride a bike. Anyways today we are here with a list of Top 3 Most Expensive Bicycle In The World, so let’s check it out!

1. Trek Butterfly Madone

Price: $500,000

Image result for Trek Butterfly Madone

Trek Butterfly Madone with a price tag of 500K makes it at no.1 in our list of Top 3 Most Expensive bicycle in the world. It is designed by Damien Hirst who used real butterflies to adorn this high end performance mountain bike as a tribute to Lance Armstrong’s return to the cycling circuit after surviving cancer.

Even with so much of decorations, this mountain bike was made for racing and can perform like a same.

2. Trek Yoshimoto Nara

Price: $200,000

Image result

Trek Yoshimoto Nara is another expensive bicycle. It Made for extreme competition, this Trek bike boasted of carbon fiber frame, making it light weight and fast.

The Trek X Yoshimoto Narra was also created to honor Lance Armstrong, who survived cancer in the late 2000s.

3. Kaws – Trek Madone

Price: $160,000

Image result

Lance Armstrong rode the Kaws-Trek Madone during the Vuelta Leon y Castilla Race in 2009. It was soon auctioned by Sotheby’s for the Global Fight Against Cancer.

A collaborative creation between Trek Madone and bicycle designer Brian Donnelly, aka Kaws, this particular bike was meant for Armstrong’s daily cycling routine, painted with classic yellow, black and white theme.

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Do You KNOW ? 

On a bicycle, you can travel three times faster than you can walk, for the same amount of energy. No other living thing can expend so little energy for so much self-powered travel!

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