The experience of seeing a movie can be enhanced further if you see a movie in a great cinema. It can make even the most boring movies enjoying.

So here is the list of  Top 3 Best Movie Theaters In the World, Let’s Check them out.

1) Cine Thisio – Athens, Greece

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Athens is home to multiple outdoor movie theaters that crop up during the summer but none provide as majestic a view as Cine Thisio. It was built in 1935, and is usually open from April to October.

2) Alamo Drafthouse – Texas, United States

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If you want to watch a movie in peace then it is best for you, as in this theatre there is strict no-talking policy, no admission for kids below six years old, and no cellphones allowed inside the theater and also give you great food and beers being served to your seat.

3) Raj Mandir Theatre, Jaipur, India

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Raj Mandir Theatre may not be the most luxurious theater in the world, but watching a movie here brings a totally unique feeling. Up-to 1200 people can accommodate in signal hall and with lowest priced tickets.

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