Mobile Gaming is a great way to kill some time when you are bored, or waiting somewhere for a few minutes. No matter whether you are travelling or just lying on the bed, if you want to pass some time – Mobile Gaming is the best way.

But do you know there are a few things about Mobile Gaming that are very beneficial and only a few people knows about them. So Let’s check out this list of Top 3 Stunning Facts About Mobile Games, which we created after a good amount of research.

1. Mobile Games Make You More Social

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A recent study carried out by Twitch has found that gamers live more socially active lives as compared to non-gamers. The study also proved that they are more educated, more optimistic, more conventionally successful, closer to their families, and, most importantly, more socially conscious.

According to the results of the research, gamers are more engaged in society and are generally friendlier, since they value friendships more than non-gamers (57% vs. 35%).

2. Mobile Games Improve Brain’s Well-Being

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Mobile games get us to focus, think fast, and think flexibly, which makes games not just a ‘relaxator’, but also a ‘brain-developer, as the games train human brain to be sharp, which, as a consequence, prevents mental decay.

According to a Research by University of Iowa, playing games can delay the natural decline of cognitive skills up to seven years.

3. Mobile Games Saves Money

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Mobile games not only care about your brain, but also about your wallet. Most mobile games these days are either super cheap, free-to-play, or ‘freemium’. The price for most mobile games starts at a dollar, whereas a new traditional console game would usually cost around $50 or more.

On top of that, mobile games don’t require you to buy a console, e.g. Xbox or PS4 that are worth several hundred dollars each, since nowadays everybody has a phone anyways.

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Do You KNOW ?

The Growth Rate of Mobile devices has already outnumbered the grow rate of human population.

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