was created by a Reddit user called Zeach and named by a suggestion from an anonymous user. It was released at the end of April 2015 and in May was submitted to Steam Greenlight where it was promptly approved.

Since then its popularity has grown at an exponential rate with usually 30,000 players online every time of the day.

And Here are Top 3 Things You Didn’t Know About

1. The Maximum Mass For A Single Cell Is 22500

The Same has been explained in this video below.

Yes You read it absolutely right, there’s a maximum cell size limit in and it’s marked at 22500, going over this number will get you split in 2 both instantly and automatically, and you’re not gonna be combining whenever you’re above this number, your cells will only combine when you drop to a combined 22500 mass.

2. There Is 50% Chance For Cells To Spawn On Blobs

Image result

You’re you might think that cells randomly spawn anywhere around the map, well, there’s actually a 50% chance for them to spawn on ejected W blobs, newly spawned sells are too small to eat blobs so they don’t earn any mass from them, however the blobs will still disappear.

3. You Can Actually Eat Viruses

agario eating viruses after split

Two thing are needed in order to eat the viruses, First is 16 cells and second is at least one cell that’s big enough to eat the viruses. A total of around 600 -700 should be enough to eat them. Eating viruses is ONLY possible when you’re splitted into 16 cells, this is also the maximum amount of gettable cells in agario.

Virus eating is great way to make space for your massive cells, your friend’s cells, or to quickly grow your own cell in the mid-early game of agario.

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Do you KNOW ?

You can fire your first blob (by pressing W)  at 35 mass.

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