Apple has unveiled the latest version of its Smartphones and tablet operating system, i.e iOS 11. And Here we are with the Top 3 Things You Should Know about iOS 11.

1. Siri get’s more smarter and get’s new Voice

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Siri is getting a more natural-sounding voice with the iOS 11 update, and you’re able to pick between female and male voice options.

To make Siri sound like AI from the future, Apple gave it a way to say the same word with different tones. It’s not always the same robot-like pronunciation.

2. iOS 11 features hints towards iPhone 8 AR

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iOS 11 gives Apple the largest AR platform in the world – overnight thanks to so many iPhones and iPads. It’s an instant boon for augmented reality.

That’s why the developer-focused Apple ARKit is a big deal for everyone, not just app makers. It hints at the biggest features to come from the iPhone 8 three months from now. Get ready for a futuristic life in augmented reality.


3. When will iOS 11 be Released?

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According to Apple at its WWDC keynote today, iOS 11 will launch this autumn. Though Beta will be available to download the iOS 11 beta starting today.

You can Even expect iOS 11 public beta In July. Apple hasn’t announced that officially yet, but experts and even we believe so.

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Do You KNOW ?

Mystery surrounded the reason for the name Apple, but in truth it was just the fruit that Jobs’ liked and named the company after that.

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