What is a Myth?
Myth is a a widely held but false belief or idea.

Their are lot’s of false belief that people believe in. So Let’s Check out the Top 3 Myths that has been proven wrong But people still believe in.

1. Different Parts Of The Tongue Taste Different Flavors

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When we were young, It was taught that specific parts of our tongue are designed to taste certain flavors: like the tip being able to only taste things that are sweet, while the back can only taste things that are bitter. In truth, our tongues are designed to taste every flavor anywhere on its surface.

2. Dogs Can Only See Black Or White

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Many people believe the myth that dogs are only capable of seeing in black and white. In truth, several studies have in fact proven that dogs do see colors just like humans, except in their case, the colors are not as bright as they are for humans.

3. Bat’s Are Blind

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In our School time, We have been taught that Bat’s Use ultrasonic Waves to find out the their way and move, which leads us to believe that they naturally have no use for their eyes. However, in reality, all bats can see, and they even hunt using their eyes alongside their echolocation.

Do You KNOW ?

We use only 10% of our Brain, is an Another Myth. Everyone is this world uses 100% of Their Brain.


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