Let Me Guess , You are Reading this Article using your Mobile Phone, And yea your Smartphone must have costed you a Good Amount of Money.

But you will be in shock when you check out  this List of of  Top 3 Most Expensive Mobile Phones In The World.

So The List of Top 3 Most Expensive Mobile Phones In The World is as follows.

1. Diamond Rose iPhone 32 GB

Price : US $ 82,00,000

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This Phone doesn’t have any extra advance features It’s work same like iPhone 4s But the main reason behind the phones expensiveness this phone attached 500 pink color diamonds That’s why this is the Most expensive phone.

2. Goldstriker iPhone 3G 32GB

Price : US $ 3,200,000.

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This iPhone 3GS Supreme features a casing made from 271 grams of solid 22k gold and a screen trimmed with fifty-three 1-carat diamonds. The home button is covered with a single rare 7.1-carat diamond. That’s not all, though—the iPhone 3GS Supreme comes in a chest carved from a single block of granite and sports Kashmir gold and an interior lining made with nubuck top-grain leather.

3. Kings Button iPhone 3G.

Price : US $ 2,500,000

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The Body of This iPhone is covered with 138 precious Diamonds. Navigation home button made With 6.6 karats beautiful white Diamond. Which is More than Enough to make it on No.3 Is our list of Top 3 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in The World.

Do You KNOW?

All the Top 3 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in The World are from Apple Company.