The global economy has seen substantial growth over the past decades with the total global GWP (Gross World Product) reaching $107.5 trillion in 2014 regarding PPP (Purchasing Power Parity).

So Let’s Have a Look into the Top 3 Richest City in the World.

1) Tokyo, Japan

GDP: $1,520 billion
Area: 2,187.6 square kilometers
Population: 13,185,502

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In 1590 it became the capital of the capital of the ruling dynasty.It later grew in area and population to become the identified capital of Japan, although the emperor took up residence in Kyoto. And tokyo has been ranked as the wealthiest cities in the world by GDP and the world’s largest metropolitan economy.

2) New York, USA

GDP : $1,210 billion
Area : 1,213square kilometers
Population: 8,244,910

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Also known as the ‘City that Never Sleeps,’ New York ranked second wealthiest cities in the world by GDP. New York’s economy is based on the financial, insurance, healthcare,  NYC is the country’s most important arts center.

3) Los Angeles, USA

GDP : $789.7 billion
Area : 1,302 square kilometers
Population : 3,792,621

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Also called the ‘City of Angels’ ,LA is recognized as a global city with a distinct economy in entertainment, culture, fashion, media, sports, science, technology, education, research and medicine.

Do You KNOW ?

The smallest city in the world, recognized by the Croatian Hum. Its population ranges from 17 to 25 people.

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