Cosmetic is one of the most sold product in the world. The makeup is considered as the powerful tool to make your entire look more splendid, especially for those ladies who are little bit conscious.

These expensive makeup brands are very renowned among all the people, who love cosmetics. So lets check out the Top 3 Most Expensive Makeup Brands in the World.

1) Chanel

Year : 1909
Country : France

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This brand has been known for providing valuable and worlds high-quality makeup products. Not only in cosmetics, this is one of the most expensive makeup brands famous for the clothes, bags, shoes and other fashion accessories, this brand is named as the number 1 makeup brand in the world.

2) Mary Kay

Year : 1963
Country : Texas

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It is the most expensive cosmetic brand known in the world because it spends a lot of money on their consultants in their training. This brand is among the direct selling brand. This is the expensive brand not affordable to everyone, but it gives the quality products to its customers.

3) L’Oreal

Year : 1909
Country : France

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This brand has the complete range of products for any makeup requirement for women increase its uniqueness. The company has 72.640 employees whose work day and night to provide the best quality products. The best thing is that they have bio-pharmaceutical research and development teams for the maintenance of their each product.

Do You KNOW ?

The Aztecs used beetles to make red lipstick.

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