Baseball parks are made up of the field and spectator seating. The seating capacity in baseball parks can vary from just a few bleachers to multiple tiers of seats.

So lets check the Top 3 Biggest Baseball Parks in the World.

1) Dodger Stadium

Country : United States
City : Los Angeles
Capacity : 56,000

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The biggest baseball park in the world is Dodger Stadium.  Construction of this baseball park was privately financed and cost $23 million, which is the equivalent of $182 million today.  8 World Series games, the 1984 Summer Olympics, semi-finals and finals of the World Baseball Classics and many more matches are played here.

2) Estadio Latinoamericano

Country : Cuba
City : Havan
Capacity : 55,000

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It is considered the most important baseball stadium in Latin America. The first game played here was between the Cienfuegos and the Almendares on October 26, 1946. There are many more activities done like dances, boxing matches, and political demonstrations.

3) Tokyo Dome

Country : Japan
City : Tokyo
Capacity : 55,000

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The dome of this stadium is an air supported structure, which means that it is held up by the pressurized air within the stadium. And this stadium hosts a number of other events including concerts, wrestling matches, American football, and monster truck rallies.

Do You KNOW ?

The New York Yankees have won 26 World Series titles, which is more than any other team.

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