From a Kid to a Grown-up Who Doesn’t Like Money in his Pockets, Everyone wishes to be rich and do whatever they wish to do.

But Check out These Top 3 Ridiculous Things That Only Rich People Can Do , and you will be amazed to see, How rich people spends their money sometimes.

1. Smoke Cigarettes With Gold Filters

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Rich smokers really want to show off their wealth through what they smoke. So instead of smoking cigars they choose to smoke cigarettes, but they go for real high-end and flashy brands.

In the world of luxury tobacco, Sobranie is the cream of the crop, as these Russian cigarettes sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars a pack, and what really makes these cigarettes truly special, is the fact that they have gold foil as filters.

2. Drink A Naughty Type of Alcohol

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Some rich people like to drink a very specific type of alcohol that they have no problem paying for, and that alcohol is a German brand known as G-Spirits. This brand of alcohol deals primarily with rum, vodka and whiskey, but what really makes it special is the fact that all of these liquors are poured over the breasts of female models before being bottled and sold.

3. Carve Their Names To Be Seen From Space

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Rich people though, sometimes like to have their names displayed in big bold letters on very large and expensive things, and they do this in order to show people what their wealth allows them to own. For those who are extremely wealthy, like members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia, they even have their names placed into the very Earth itself.

A Saudi prince who already owned his own private island, actually had his name carved into the island itself, and the letters were so large that his name could even be seen from space. The prince went on to have the carving removed, but the fact that he even did it in the first place is a perfect example of what rich people do when they have way too much money to spend.

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