Different Horror Movies impact viewers in different ways. Check out this List of Top 3 Scariest Movie of All Time which will leave you sleeping with one eye open and the lights on.

Here are Top 3 Scariest Movie Of All Time . Sweet dreams…!

1. A Tale of Two Sisters

Director : Jee-woon Kim
IMDb Rating : 7.3
Release date : 13 June 2003
Running time : 114 minutes

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A Tale of Two Sisters. Often imitated, Ji-woon Kim’s creepy tale about a pair of siblings who leave a mental hospital and enter the house of the devil is one helluva head trip.

2. The Devil’s Backbone

Director : Guillermo del Toro
IMDb Rating : 7.5
Release date : 20 April 2001
Running time : 107 minutes

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This Spanish Civil War-set fantasy horror centers on a 12-year-old boy sent to a haunted orphanage, who soon encounters a supremely eerie specter. Santi, the spirit in question, was actually inspired from del Toro’s memories of a ghost who frequently paid him visits as a child.

3. Suspiria

Director : Dario Argento
IMDb Rating : 7.5
Release date : 1 February 1997
Running time : 98 minutes

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Dario Argento’s grim fairy tale about a bunch of witches will make your head spin—and not just because its gory mayhem takes place at a German ballet academy. The blood that spills across the screen is enough to keep your noggin flooded with grisly images for weeks.

Do You Know ? 

Spirits can often be helpful, and even protective of the families they “haunt.”

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