With organizing our time, everything can be done to the fullest. It isn’t only important, it can be also the most expensive thing in the whole world. There are many intricate details in million dollar watches like expensive stones, diamonds and gems that are encrusted into them jacking up their price.

Luxury watches have a long queue, but we are here with The Top 3 Most Expensive Watches in the World.

1) Chopard 210 karat

Price : $26 million

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The chopard 201 is the epitome of luxury. It consists of various colored diamonds. It looks like the bracelet which encrusted by diamond. This watch is beautiful and simple time piece that looks like it is surrounded by flowers.

2)  Patek Philippe Super Complication Pocket Watch

Price : $24 million

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It is composed of 18 karat gold. It took more than five years of work to design this distinctive clock. The timepiece took half a decade to design and then three more just to manufacture.

3) Patek Philippe Caliber 89

Price : $6 million

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the watch was intended to a sort of portable museum of haute horlogerie in terms of general level of execution and finish. The Caliber 89 also outshined most timepieces in terms of bulkiness.

Do You KNOW ?

The very first wristwatch to be produced with an alarm function was created in nearly 1900s.