Trains can’t fly like airplanes, But that doesn’t mean trains can’t run as fast as planes. Fortunately, some trains in this modern world are as fast as planes.

Check out the List of Top 3 Fastest Trains in The World.

1) Shanghai Maglev

Speed : 267.8 mph / 430.9 Kmph
Country : China

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This is the world’s most fastest train. A revolution in itself. Magnifying the real meaning of bullet. It’s maximum speed is 430 km/hr and average speed is 250km/hr.

The train opened for public use in the year 2004. The train is operated by Shanghai Maglev Development Co-operation. This was manufactured by Taisen and Siemens. At a time 574 passengers can travel through it. But the price of ticket is matter of concern for many which ranges from $ 8 to $ 16.

2) Harmony CRH 380A

Speed : 236.12 mph / 379.9 Kmph
Country : China

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China railways Harmony CRH 380A is the second fastest operating train service in the world. The China railways Put this train into regular service between Shangai-Nanjing route .

The CRH 380A has low weight Aluminium alloy body and a fish-head like front car. This unusual design of the train could reduce aerodynamic pressure on running. The bogies of CRH 380A are completely vibration free.

The CRH 380A trains have a capacity to carry 494 passengers at a time. Each passenger will get facilities like reading lamp, power port and an electronic display. There is also a VIP sightseeing section near the driver’s cabin.

3) AGV Italo

Speed : 223.6 mph / 359.8 Kmph
Country : Italy

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This Train broke all the records of speed 574km/hr during the trial in 2007. For now, it travels with a speed of 360 km/hr. The train run in the pathway of Napoli-Roma-friange-Bologra-Milano.

In the year 2008, NTV company of Italy bought 25 AGV trains for Euro 650 million.The distance of Napoli from Rome is 189.7 km, which takes mere or even less than and hour to complete for this train. The best part about the train is that it is made up of such material, that its 98 percent can be recycled, making it accommodating for our environment.

Do You KNOW ?

In 1963, four Princeton students forced a local train to stop by parking a car on the tracks. With a gun loaded with blanks, they got on the train, picked four girls as their dates, and rode away with them on horseback.