A standard laptop combines the components, inputs, outputs, and capabilities of desktop computer, including the display screen, small speakers, a keyboard, hard disk drive, optimal disk drive pointing devices (such as a touchpad or trackpad), a processer, and memory into a single unit.

So if you are looking for a new laptop then here are The Top 3 Laptops In the World 2017.

1) Dell XPS 13

CPU: Intel Core i3 – i7

Image result for Dell XPS 13

One of the best laptop, thin and light with a battery life that exceeds 7 hours, equipped with the latest 7th generation (Kaby Lake) Intel processors behind that same eye-dropping display and punchy keyboard.

2) Asus ZenBook UX305

CPU : Intel Core Intel Core m3 – m7

Image result for Asus ZenBook UX305

Better than the MacBook and at a fraction of the price. From its purple-tinged aluminum design to its sharp display and blisteringly fast M.2 SSD storage, the UX305 puts Windows back in style – fanless design, lengthy battery life and all.

3) Razer Blade Stealth

RAM : 8GB – 16GB
CPU : Intel Core i7

Image result for Razer Blade Stealth

The gaming Ultrabook is here, it comes without a discrete graphics card, the Razer Blade Stealth practically requires that you also shell out for the costly Razer Core GPU enclosure. Price-wise, it has the upperhand against key competitors.

Do You KNOW ?

According to research, the most preferred laptops is the one that comes with 500 GB Hard Disk, 4 GB RAM , 2 GB Graphic Card, 15 inch screen size.

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