There are many brands of clothing in the world which are very famous and expensive as well. The products of these brands are available in limited quantity and with few designs, not to make their products more common in the world and increase their demand.

From these brands, some of them are very popular among the famous celebrities and they wear these branded clothes on special occasions like awards, etc. The clothes of these brands are made with expensive materials like diamonds, fancy fur, etc. which makes them more expensive and not affordable for everyone.

The following are Top 3 Most Expensive Clothing Stores in the World.

1) House of Bijan, Beverly Hills

Location : 420 North Rodeo DriveBeverly Hills, CA 90210

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House of Bijan is Currently considered as the most expensive store in the world. It is the most luxurious and they deal with their customers only through appointments. T

his brand has many luxurious products that are made with the gold, pearls and precious stones as well. Their products are made in limited quantity and are normally sold in auctions.

Their clothes are worn by famous celebrities like Giorgio Armani, Tom Cruise, Tony Blair and many others.

2) Versace, Rome

Location : Piazza di Spagna, 12, Rome, Latium, 00187, Italy

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Versace is an Italian brand which was started by an Italian designer. Versace is famous for its clothes, handbags, sunglasses, perfumes, jewelry, and accessories as well.

It is a expensive brand that a even a simple bag can cost $650. They have their stores all over the world those almost 20 stores only in US.

Their store in Rome is considered as the best in terms of interior and luxurious look of the stores which attracts people.

3) Oscar de La Renta, New York

Location : 772 Madison Ave, New York, NY‎

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Oscar de la Renta is very famous clothing store located in New York before this its store was only in Spain. This brand is working in this field from 1965. They have shops all over the world and providing best and luxurious clothes to everyone but are expensive. The place on which their store is located is considered as the place of wealthy people that are not affordable for everyone. Their clothes are worn by many famous celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Oprah Winfrey, and Taylor Swift, etc. who made this brand more famous in the world.

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