A desert is characterized as an area whose landscape receives a significantly small amount of rainfall throughout the year. This land is mostly barren, since the dry living conditions make animal and plant life therein hostile.

Let’s Now Check out Top 3 Largest Desert in the World , Trust Us It will Surprise you!

1) Antarctica / Maudlandia Desert

Type : Cold Winter
Area : 14,000,000 km2
Location : Antarctica

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Antarctica is considered the most extreme continent on earth, and is located about the South Pole. On average, it is the driest, windiest, and coldest continent on earth, while also having the highest average elevation compared to any of the other continents.

The entirety of Antarctica is a desert with an annual precipitation of less than 200mm. The temperatures are generally very cold, and may drop as low as -89 degree Celsius in winter, and as high as around 15 degrees celsius in the summer at times in some coastal places.

The Antarctic Desert covers a total area about 5.5 million square miles. Sunburn and vision problems are a concern to people in Antarctica, due to the glare of sun off of the ice.

2) Arctic Desert

Type : Cold Winter
Area : 13,985,000 km2
Location : Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia

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This desert occupies the “North Pole” region. The Arctic Desert forms the second largest desert globally, covering a land surface of about 5.4 million square miles.

The desert partially occupies parts of territories claimed or controlled by Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the United States.

Precipitation generally occurs as snow, and winter temperatures can drop to less than -40 degrees celsius.

3) Sahara Desert

Type : Subtropical
Area : 9,000,000+km2
Location : North Africa

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This is the third largest desert overall, and the largest “hot desert” in the world. It occupies a surface area of about 3.5 million square miles.

Most of this desert is comprised of rocky Hamada, large land areas covered with sand dunes. The land surface is constantly being reshaped by winds and, far less frequently, the extremely low and rare rainfall.

The central part of the desert is termed as “hyper-arid”, and there is no vegetation growing there as a result of the virtually nonexistent precipitation.

Do You KNOW ?

Most of the People in the World Believe Sahara To be the Largest Desert in the world.

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