There are many dog breeds in world ,but here are some dog breeds which we have shortlisted for you as Top 3 Dog Breeds in the world.

So Let’s Check out the List of Top 3 Dog Breeds in The World.

1) Labrador Retriever

Life Span : 10 – 14 years

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It is the most popular breed ,these type of are very friendly and loyal, great for families, and perfect companion dogs. Labrador Retrievers love the water, they accompanied fisherman and helped with work on the ship.

2) Bulldog

Life Span : 8 – 10 years

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Bulldog a very popular dog breed , as easily recognized appearance that draws it such popularity. Very frendly in nature and albeit lazy demeanor. They tend to be overweight and lazy, they snore, they have excessive gas, and they’re sensitive to extreme temperatures even then they are very populer.

3) German Sheph

Life Span : 9 – 13 years

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German Shepherd has kept his status as one of the ten most popular breeds with its ability to be trained to do just about anything. They work as assistants to the police, military dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs and herding dogs among other jobs.

Do You KNOW ?

Dogs can hear 4 times as far as humans.