It is Said Nothing is Impossible , If a Person is Determined ! And These Top 3 Tallest Building of the INDIA proves this Phrase to be True. Human Beings Has Created Some Unbelievable Tall Building.

Check out Top 3 Of the Tallest Building of the INDIA , Below ! .

1)  Palais Royale

Height : 320 Meters (1,050 ft)
Floors : 88
Year : 2017
Building Type : Residential
Location : Mumbai

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Palais Royale is a skyscraper in Lower Parel, Mumbai. It is on land previously owned by Shree Ram Mills Ltd. It is the first supertall in India to achieve a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Platinum rating for environmental sustainability.

The luxury building has 120 apartments. The premises also have amenities like a cinema house, spa, cricket pitch, badminton court, football pitch and three swimming pools. It has 820,000 square metres (8.8×106 sq ft) of residential space.

2) Imperial Tower 1 &  Imperial Tower 2

Height : 254 metres (833 ft)
Floors : 61
Year : 2010
Type : Residential
Location : Mumbai

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The Imperial is a twin-tower residential skyscraper complex in Mumbai, India that are the tallest completed buildings in the country. The towers are located in Tardeo, South Mumbai. Construction was completed and the towers were inaugurated in 2010.

3) Ahuja towers

Height : 250 metres (820 ft)
Floors : 53
Year : 2014
Building Type : Residential
Location : Mumbai

Ahuja Towers is the 3rd Tallest Building of India with the Height of 250 metres (820 ft). The Building Consists of 53 Floors Which includes Club House , Spa , Jacuzzi , Mini-theater , Yoga Room and What not. it Surely Among the Best Places to Live in India.

Do You Know ?

All the Top 10 Tallest Building in INDIA is in Mumbai.

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